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What are the costs for consultations and treatments if I want private treatment.

Private consultations and treatments can be expensive. If you have private medical insurance, the insurance company would have agreed a fixed fee with the private care providers for consultations and for each procedural treatment. In some cases, the patient insured will have to pay a part of the payment that has been agreed between the patient and the insurance providers. If you need better clarification, please call Dorset Heart Clinic office- 01202705454.

If you are a self payer, then the costs for consultations and procedures are available through Dorset Heart Clinic office- 01202705454

Do I have to go for private treatment?

Simple answer is "no". NHS care that we provide is very good and Royal Bournemouth hospital has excellent record in cardiology care. There are however some advantages in private treatment. Mainly this will be about reduction in delay for consultation or for procedural treatment. Secondly all private treatment is consultant delivered as opposed to consultant led treatment. NHS is a fantastic care platform and continues to provide world class care which is comprehensive and free at the point of delivery. As with any public service, NHS also faces its own challenges and pressures. Dorset Heart Clinic is a formal partnership between the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and an independent company called Regent’s Park Healthcare.The partnership between the two organisations’ ensures that private patients receive the best-of-both-worlds: world-class specialist care and the very highest standard of service, together with the confidence of being in the NHS with its safety-net of services on hand. It also allows profits from the treatment of private patients to be re-invested back into frontline NHS care.

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